Kash 'the Flash' Gill

Four times World Kick Boxing Champion, inducted into the BBC Sporting Hall of Fame, the first Asian to become World Champion in a contact sport, founder of the International Freestyle Association (IFA) Kickboxing Club, the phenomenon that is affectionately known to his fans around the world as Kash ‘The Flash’ Gill.

Kash Gills’ Incredible rise from the tough inner city streets of Birmingham, to world fame and domination of his chosen sport, is a fascinating white knuckle journey. His sheer determination to rise above and not be defined by his environment and tragedies that beset his early years has inspired multitude of students, fans and professional athletes alike. Kash trail blazed his way to Kickboxing stardom through single minded fortitude, years of exhaustive training, sacrifice and a fearless warrior spirit. Kash forged a path that many would follow and still follow to this day.

Today Kash can be found teaching at his gym, coaching his student in the ancient art of Kickboxing. His coaching skills are second to none. It is a joy to watch students training under his expert guidance, fun, fitness, discipline and tradition all rolled into his sessions. When he is not coaching he is tirelessly raising funds for various charities and resources for the local community with the same determination that made him World Champion. A sporting hero, role model and inspiration, a towering ambassador of Martial Arts and the disaffected youth of inner cities around the world.