George GJIGGY Francis
Videographer/Editor/D.W./Beta Tester/Artist Manager.

Gjiggy has been working with the Elementz of Couture team capturing the creativity behind the scenes. He is our Head Videographer.

Gjiggy has given us a run down on his experience,

" I am currently doing a BSc (Hons) degree in Film Production Technology at Staffordshire University, England, UK and absolutely loving it

First off I make no apologies for writing this from a first person’s perspective/point of view. This is my bio, my words, me speaking it, simple as.

I've been in the Broadcast & Film industry for over 20 years. I've worked/freelanced/beta tested for the likes of Sony, JVC, Grass Valley, Panasonic, Alexander McQueen, Bob Carlos Clarke, Gucci, Avid, Adobe, Rotolight, Atomos, DMC, IDA, Formation Records, The Graham Fenton Experience etc., etc., etc.

I absolutely love all things music and one of my most memorable gigs was managing the complete live visual production and web stream for the DMC World Turntablist Finals at the O2, London, UK in 2007 (1st one of many). Memorable as it was a completely Solid State recorded show where I was testing brand new Solid State Hardware & Software from Grass Valley... "LIVE" over 2 solid days without 1 single issue. Also at this show I was the first person to show/broadcast Marvels "IRON MAN" Trailer for the first time in the UK. Superb event. Superb Kit. Super excellent experience.

Since then I've filmed and tested every new digital camera format including 4K which I was doing at the early part of 2013 but only being seriously talked about now. I was D.O.P and Editor on the feature film Shutdown City with 2 more planned features to shoot soon.

My filming style is pure raw energy, movement and hand-held. I hate tripods and all the restrictions they bring but obviously crucial depending on the subject matter.

Editing is however my fortieth. The end to end production process for me is ALL VISUAL. I don’t like wasting time doing expansive storyboards as I tend to store them all in my head and extract them to my easels (NON LINEAR EDIT WORK STATIONS) in real time through this creative finale process.

Apart from end to end Film Production process which I love, as mentioned above I am also a massive, massive music fan in every way. In 2007 I became the very first manager of the MOBO winning superstar MC, singer and producer Lady Leshurr who’s doing great thing not just in the music industry per say but always repping the UK and her home town of Birmingham (“0121 forever”) worldwide. To see what she has done with her career since we first met has been majorly rewarding for me and this was heightened even more when we recently met up at another SOLD OUT Birmingham gig. To witness and see that all the confidence, humility, focus and kindness of this amasing lady and artist was all still there (from the day we met) despite her current music star status was simply touching and humbling. If you hit the streets in Birmingham and mention GJIGGY you’ll find that most people know me for selflessly supporting Birmingham (0121) based talent.

In 2009 while filming the DMC World Turntablist Finals at the O2, London I met the Italian turntablist DJ Mandrayq briefly which was enough for me to pass on a few vital words of encouragement which helped me to one reach the Final and then finishing as one of the top 10 greatest turntablist in the world. This was unfinished business as I saw in DJ Mandrayq the exact same fire, hunger, wanting to be the best, the number one I saw in Lady Leshurr so I continued to mentor and manage him for ironically the next 15 months where he smashed his National Italian Championships (again) and got through to the 2010 IDA WORLD FINALS where he beat all his competitors to become IDA WORLD CHAMPION. This was to get even more surreal in2014*. “I have the midas touch it seems for sure Currently I have a voluntary, non-profit Presidential role at IDA UK AND IRELAND making certain that all our Champion Turntablist DJs get all the necessary and relevant exposure they all deserve plus more importantly one make it to the World Finals every year in Krakow, Poland and two win the damn thing. I took over in *2014 and I’ve already produced a IDA WORLD CHAMPION (2014) and VICE CHAMPION (2015) after just 15 months in the role. Yes, I’m super happy about all that

Moi!!!...Positive Mental Attitude ALWAYS. I'm proactive, ambitious, passionate, focused, driven, tenacious, determined, flexible, motivated, none judgmental and sporty."