Danielle "Danni Billions" Craig was born in Plainfield NJ.Due to one of the parents being military she wasn't raised there, but has had the opportunity to travel & live throughout the United States. She's always been into the fashionand entertainment industry and she started rapping at the age of 13. And at 15 she started designing her own clothes by simply cutting and gluing and altering readymade items. Several years ago she started designing lingerie for adult entertainers working as a "house mom" with hopes to have her own line one day. In 2010 she started experimenting with manufacturing her own cosmetics by hand from eye shadow to body butter and Danielle has certainly found a future business project. Although she does sell her handmade items, such as lip gloss, glitter and lip butter online she plans to expand her operation into something much bigger and more profitable.

In addition to that in January of 2015 she started London Le'Blanc Magazine, one of the hottest international independent entertainment magazines on the planet. In July of 2015 she launched the #OperationLightsOn campaign to raise awareness for the 2.1 billion people living without sufficient electricity due to political corruption or lack of resources. In relation to that Danni has released 5 volumes with 8 different versions of the Power Up Global mixtape in support of the movement. Volume 1 featured 64 artist worldwide hosted by 2 different DJ's

And in February 2016 she started Le'Blanc Music Mag. And in just under 2 years she was nominated for journalist of the year at BEFFTA 2016, and London Le'Blanc Magazine was also nominated for best mag of the year 2016 at BEFFTA in London England via the founder Pauline Long. She offers both magazines FREE online, and also in print with worldwide shipping and online distribution

In December of the same year "Danielle "Danni Billions" Craig was approached by DJ Flash to host her radio show the windemupradio.org network, and she accepted the offer. And that's when Le'Blanc Radio Live was born. She uses the show to speak her mind, drop jewels on our younger generation and to play underground music from around the world. Her goal is to give the indies a chance to be seen and heard across the globe. Everyone deserves an opportunity to shine, and that's why she created these marketing platforms. London Le'Blanc 7 Co is dedicated to mixing the majors with the minors, and helping people achieve their dreams...one goal at a time