Hairstress by FiFi was founded in 2010 and established in 2013. Hairstress is a self-formed mobile hairdressing company that brings forth unique and different styles for customers needs. Fifi had discovered her talent at the tender age of 9, Fifi took the skills she obtained and decided to further her trade by attending University College Birmingham she had studied salon business management.

Fifi has been in various hair shows and competitions whilst being at university, after she had graduated Fifi had taken most of her time concentrating on her business. In March of 2016 she had attended a short filming to style the character of the film called concrete love which starred Joellah Olivia. She's done varieties of different ora's of hair such as wedding hairs, indie and 1970's retro.

Hairstress is currently working on variety of projects including make-overs and photo-shoots, these projects have been carried out for people who have never modelled before, the individuals that are chosen are ordinary people who haven't experienced any part of the modelling industry. It's to create confidence, drive and brighten up everyday beauty. Hairstress is wanting to bring an outreach to the community and different genres of people like age, sex and orientation.

Hairstress by fifi will be bringing in different movment and drive to all that love and support the company and main importance is that's been deliver the best hair possible.

Instagram: @hairstress_by_fifi