Collaire Couture is owned by Susan Collaire.
From the early age of 5, her mother taught her to sew, she used to watch her mother make clothes by hand and that's when she got her 1st sewing machine, a Singer's Little Betty, Susan recalls it as, "it was cream and orange with a handle to turn it around lol."  

Through school, Susan didn't do well and got basic education but for Needlework she got her best results. On leaving school she joined the, Get A Trade Work Force, A YTS Factory Skills work shop. After 3mths she was put in a factory environment clothes for different High Street stores all over the UK including C&A, Woolworth, Boots Babywear, House of Fraser, M&S Chelsea Girl etc. 

Susan gained extra skills while working for the Government making British Army Uniforms.
At the age of 21 she moved to London and did 4yrs in college were she passed her City & Guilds Pattern making, Garment Construction ans and Art.
Susan got a few jobs working with other designers for pennies she would go that extra mile because she was hungry to learn.
Then she went on to working for a company who only worked for Royalty or Celebrities.
Susan had the pleasure of working on Princess Diana's bedroom at Buckingham Palace.

In between all this Susan had her first child lost her partner to a freak work accident and lost her home, She started taking in private work from local factories to do at home. Along the years she has self taught new skills and had more children. Susan then moved back up North.
Susan said, "Along the years I have had market shops in Hulme Manchester and Kings Heath Birmingham. The failed due to lack of business knowledge. So now my children are of a certain age it was time to think about me. Yes I have L3 as Teaching Assistant gained skills as a Support Worker and Carer. I worked for Barclay's and OSR Olive Strachan Resources selling Training VHS, But my dream has always to have my own collection and I feel that now at 51 it is my time."
Since this, Susan has taken part in our Elementz of Couture Summer Fashion Event as a designer and as a model. She has brought a whole new Element to our Elementz. 

Susan is managed by Natalie Maragh-owner of Elementz of Couture and Susan has now opened up her shop on West Bromwich High Street. 

Check out the flyer!!