Elementz Imagez is run by Natalie Maragh.

Natalie is also the Owner and Organiser of all of the Elementz of Couture Projects.

Natalie is a Photographer and Digital Editor and has always had a passion for art and Photography.

Natalie started doing digital editing for fun and realised that anybody can look flawless in images.  Being able to remove her scarring in a picture gave her great joy and while speaking to colleagues, family and friends she realised many woman had complexes that they would like to change in a photo.

After seeing Natalie’s work people starting requesting alterations to their digital images, e.g body resizing, and reshaping and scar removals.

As social media was hyped on images she became aware that this line of work helped to get rid of people’s insecurities. People started to realise that a many models that they were seeing in magazines had been edited.

Natalie found great joy in the smiles of people that she had worked with when editing for them and was encouraged to take this hobby as a profession advancing to capturing the images herself before editing them.

In 2011 Natalie decided to take redundancy from her full time job as a Benefits officer with Birmingham City Council to pursue her dream as a Photographer.

Natalie Studied Business with Coventry University alongside studying Photography with Sandwell College. This gave her the ultimate push to make the business a reality.

Natalie has since worked as an individual  with some amazing, inspirational people on various projects. Teaming up with other creatives has led to some great pieces of work. Her projects with Boujee Mua have consisted of themes such as ‘Big is Beautiful’ & ‘Tribal Transformation’ and has also led to cd cover work for local musical talent ‘Sic Nis’.

She has worked closely for many years with the amazing Kash Gill aka ‘Kash the Flash’ who is the 4 times World Champion Kickboxer , leading to work with Apachie Indian and Mo Naheem Ash.

Natalie has worked on various fashion events as a photographer and a events organiser. She has also worked on various on various European fashion projects including photography in Alicante, Turkey and Ibiza.

She has worked on various events and projects with Ras King Boboand Hyper Hype leading to stage photography at The Beffta Awards and work with BET award winner Eddy Kenzo.

Her work has reached across the globe and her work has been published in  New Jersey!

  • Elementz of Couture Brand Face wearing our Exclusive Brand Velvet Catsuit
  • Elementz of Couture Brand Model. Our 2017 Summer Catwalk Queen