Rane collection is a brand that specialises in hand crafted clothes for both women and men.

Using fabrics from all corners of the world to express the individual person.

Rane collection use bold prints paired with elegant designs so their customers can slay with boldness.

The collection for Elementz of Couture Fashion Showcase will be made by the amazing designer Jane Madziva.

Jane has always been a fashion enthusiast from a young age. She studied fashion at Sandwell College and was eager to put what she had learnt to practice. She struggled to find a good Fashion Design Apprenticeship in her area so she decided to start her own fashion line. Jane did this with the hope of growing her brand and setting a base for other young fashion design hopefuls in her local area to have a opportunity to be able to have a fashion focused apprenticeship in the near future.  With the help of the Princes Trust she started her clothing brand in august 2016 Rane collection.

The brand is inspired by Jane's everyday life and appreciation of the diversity of people she interact's with every day. The main inspiration of focus for her brand is using fabrics from different cultures and countries and mixing them with her interpretation of modern Britain. 

For our July  Fashion Event Jane Stated she would be showcasing a new collection she had been working on, she was  really excited to show her new designs at the Elementz of couture fashion show now she is set to return for our November show, we cant wait to see her awesome creations!!!