Mr Plob is a designer, illustrator and graffiti artist from South Wales. His
early influences came from seeing graffiti in Switzerland on holiday which he found exciting and very creative. He saw big murals and styles that spoke out to him. Being a teenager that already liked skateboarding and alternative music, he
began to paint letters as this was the basis of graffiti as he wanted to develop his own style. He then started to draw characters and logos, not only on a wall but also on a computer and on canvas.

Mr Plob's work right now has the foundation of graffiti, but he loves to use many different methods of creativity including digital design and also screen printing. He likes to include elements of his own personality in his work. 
His characters wear the same trainers that he loves and they also paint walls.

He is a big fan of fashion and he has been working on launching his own clothing label called 'Plob's Print Shop'.
The brand focuses on elements of  his design work but it also has foundation of graffiti. He likes painting and drawing as they are skills that take discipline to master.

He has also been featured on a Television magazine show, talking about his artwork and Clothing Brand. His most recent work was painting a large Mural which was edited for a Title sequence for a Television Series on Welsh Music.

Mr Plob showcased in our July Fashion Event and will be returning for our November event!!!