Kay Kaur Pahil Purewal was born & raised in Coventry.

At the age of eighteen she went to study at University of London, Goldsmiths College. At a young age she had a passion for all things spiritual and this included all gemstones. After Kay graduated, she came back to the West Midlands to study her PostGraduate degree. At the same time she had started to develop a following/name as a popular spiritual therapist. She became a reiki practitioner, also qualifying in positive impact coaching, colour therapy & Indian head massage.

Kay also obtained a regular co-host slot on BBC radio on weekend breakfast & she had a regular astro column for Asian Woman magazine amongst other magazines. At the same time Kay learnt about the power of crystals & gemstones. In 2013 Kay launched her own jewellery company called K's Gems, which rebranded in 2016 as Ks Gems rocks.

It is a one of kind in the West Midlands for several reasons. Firstly it allows clients to hire beautiful jewellery. Secondly Kay promotes the recycling aspect through hiring which again brings in the spiritual aspect of her work. She believes & promotes all women can look great & enjoys creating a specific look or style. K's Gems is about beauty and being radiant at the same time. She believes in feel good factor jewellery. Thirdly K's Gems uses natural gemstones & crystals which enhances that radiant factor & helps tunes all the chakras to work more in alignment for the mind, body & spirit.

One of Kay's love is astrology and hence K's Gems offers a bespoke service & this includes a birth stone analysis & this is included for future brides & bridegrooms. It's all about tapping into the individual & their natural sparkle and glow, helping them to bring this out & this is K's Gems trademark. Kay has travelled to various continents which has been a great source of inspiration for K's Gems; this includes Eastern Europe, Singapore, Middle East, USA, Africa & Asia.

Since 2013, Ks Gems Rocks has showcased many different fashions shows with its funky jewellery and this includes Rule the Runaway 2015 and Elite Fashion Show “Beauty with a Purpose” in 2016.